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The Swiss Import Promotion Programme (SIPPO) puts at disposal its network to importers and exporters for the purpose of matchmaking  and expansion of business capacitity.

SIPPO is a well-established mandate of the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), within the framework of its economic development cooperation. As of 2017, SIPPO is implemented by Swisscontact, a business-oriented Swiss foundation for international cooperation and development.

We work directly with Business Support Organisations (BSOs), including promotion boards and sector-wide associations, to support the expansion and quality of their export promotion services to their members and clients. Through the BSOs, export-ready companies gain access to customised export services such as market intelligence, capacity-building, networking and matchmaking.

SIPPO connects relevant export sectors from eleven partner countries with reliable importers in Switzerland, the rest of Europe and other important target markets.

Taking into consideration Serbia’s export potential, geographic position and foreign trade partners, it is no wonder that export activities are of great significance for the Serbian business and the economy. Free trade agreements with the countries of EU, CEFTA, EFTA, as well as other countries, such as Turkey, Russia and the USA, have created an opportunities for Serbian exporters to enter new markets and increase their export potential.

Since increased export has a direct impact on incomes and social development, SIPPO would like to contribute to the creation of new jobs, the improvement of safety with regard to jobs, and the overall economic growth in Serbia.

SIPPO  will support export in the following sectors in Serbia:  Natural Ingredients (medicinal herbs, spices, essential oils, mushrooms, etc); Technical Wood (semi products and finished products); and Value-added Textiles.

SIPPO Code of Conduct


We strengthen the capacities of organisations who provide export services and give comprehensive support to companies who want to sell their products in promising markets.

The network we create offers a platform for matchmaking and cooperation between exporters and importers. Our platform makes available the relevant information and services that are helpful to both exporters and BSOs.

Capacity building

We make export promotion boards and sector associations ready for advanced export services. We assess and provide tools for your performance management.


Profit from our large network of contacts. We organize networking events and invite to conferences and workshops. Join the Import Promotion Forum in November.

Market Intelligence

Learn more about market potentials. We provide assessments, sector studies and product information. Get ready for new markets with our expertise.

B2B matchmaking

Get contacts to suppliers and buyers. Meet them at trade fairs. We facilitate B2B meetings, organize selling and buying missions, and combine them with on-site visits or study tours.


Competence and professionalism of our team are the key elements of SIPPO programme's success.

Our team of high qualified experts bring long-term experience, excellent knowledge and enthusiasm for the market and target sectors, and strive to provide the most professional support to their clients.

Feel free to contact us:

Ljiljana Rsumovic

Export Promotion Manager, Serbia

Natalija Puntevska

Regional Representative


Numerous opportunities for your BSO and your company’s products

In Serbia, SIPPO supports and enables export to new markets for companies and organisations that are active in the following sectors:
        • Natural Ingredients
        • Technical Wood
        • Value-added Textiles

Natural Ingredients

Serbia is famous for being rich in its raw-materials base, but also for products of excellent quality in this sector. Customers worldwide demand quality. Serbian companies have the potential to adress this demand, and with products such as wild mushrooms, medicinal herbs (e.g. chamomile and pepermint) and frozen forest fruits, Serbia has already taken a position in the markets of Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, and others. Through its numerous activities and services, the SIPPO programme supports further development and potential of the sector, and enables entry into new markets.

Value-added Textiles

The manufacture of textile and clothes has been one of the main Serbian export industries for many years.  Besides the long and rich tradition, export potential in this sector is accompanied by the ability to foster good relations with customers and meet the requirements of international markets. Market needs are in line with the serbian producers’ design and manufacture capabilities. By supporting this sector, the SIPPO programme intends to expand the market potential and to enhance the existing connections.

Technical Wood

The wood industry is one of the most attractive industries in Serbia. Apart from its long and rich tradition, Serbian wood is recognised in EU markets as being of a very high quality. Customers from foreigner markets are familiar with “made in Serbia” wood products. Products from the technical wood sector, such as wood plates, joinery, parquets and floors are very much in demand, and Serbian companies have the potential to address this demand. In cooperation with relevant companies and export supporting organisations, the SIPPO programme supports the growth of export in this sector.

Partner BSOs

SIPPO is currently identifying future partner BSOs to cooperate with in the relevant export sectors. We foster sophisticated services for export-ready companies.

Together with the UN body of the International Trade Center ITC (, export promotion boards and sector associations are being assessed in 2017 to identify potential for improvements in their export promotion services. This involves interviews related to BSOs’ export promotion services, organisational structures, quality management and performance management, as well as export and sector strategies.

In the upcoming months, our partner BSOs will be published here.


SIPPO Serbia and its partner BSOs organise and extend invitations to important events where export-ready companies can connect with potential business partners or find the latest trends and news in their sectors.

SIPPO points to opportunities for trade fair participation, study tours, and selling and buying missions, and offers many other interesting opportunities for you to enlarge your network and update your knowledge around the future demand of your products.

Come back frequently to see what’s happening in your sector.